mum and i are watching a movie and she went to get snacks and she fucking walks back into the room with walnuts. WALNuts????? are u fucking kidding me mum walnuts …. like…..hello ????not a good snack and i will not be having any of ur bloody rotten good for nothin walnuts. walnuts i swear to god are you fcukign kiddin g me ………… waLnut

walnut more like walNOT


What happens to a Muggle-born who only has Muggle currency but wants to buy off the trolley on the Hogwarts Express?

The last day of Harry Potter.

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Hundreds of fangirls around the world are doing rituals to kill Moffat. But its not working. He is only growing in power. He breathes deeply and sighs “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”


Digital Art - June 2014

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Digital Work - June 2014

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eep the hp nerd in me loves this

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